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The Non-denominational Wodonga Church of Christ has an independence from any other religious or para-religious body, and has been meeting in Wodonga, in the north of Victoria, for more than twenty years.

    Celebrating the life and hideous death of the Lord Jesus Christ upon the cross, the Church remembers his death on the first day of the week by breaking bread and supping with the fruit of the vine, and preaching the Word.

    Remembering Jesus’ parting words to his disciples: to “preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15), the Church honours the Master’s words by seeking to teach those willing to listen to the words of salvation which are written in the Bible.

    If you are interested in studying the Bible with us, why don’t you write for our free Bible correspondence course; it is both free and without obligation. Write to:

The Wodonga Church of Christ,
P.O. Box 957,
Wodonga, Victoria, 3689.


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