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Perth Metropolitan Area

Armadale Church of Christ
101 Challis Road,
Armadale, Western Australia, 6112.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 152, Armadale, WA, 6112.
Telephone Number: Keith Thomson 0497 070 353 and Rob Wilson 0405 465 885.
Total Membership:15.
Times of Worship and Bible Study: Worship 10.00 am; 5.00pm.
Email Address: Email
Additional Information:
    The Armadale church of Christ has been meeting since 1984. We are dedicated to following the New Testament pattern and worshipping in spirit and truth. We have had a full-time evangelist working with us for many years and in February we will have a second evangelist. We welcome all visitors.

Central North Church of Christ
Herb Graham Recreation Centre,
27 Chesterfield Road,
Mirrabooka, Western Australia, 6061.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 63, Joondalup, WA, 6919.
Telephone Number: Joseph Lee 0450 308 418 and Rob Wilson 0405 465 885.
Total Membership:60+.
Times of Worship and Bible Study: BS 10.00; Worship 11.00 am; BS 7.30 pm Wednesday. (Deaf signing available during services).
Email Address: Email
Additional Information:
    We are a group of people who follow the one and only living God. We’re children of God and believe in the ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We're just a part of the family of God in Perth’s northern suburbs, Mirrabooka, Western Australia.

    To know more, come and visit us at our website which contains frequently asked questions and weekly sermon recordings.

Malaga Church of Christ
13 Townsend Street,
Malaga, Western Australia.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 105,
Ballajura, Western Australia, 6066.
Telephone Number: 9294 4582, 9249 7930 or 9447 5988.
Total Membership: 100+.
Times of Worship and Bible Study: See our website for meeting venues and times.
Email Address: Email.
Additional Information:
    Malaga congregation appointed 6 elders early in 2008, and has 2 full-time working couples and a part-time worker. We are an exciting, growing group with 18 baptisms in 2007 alone. As well as several home Bible studies, Malaga has a letter-boxing outreach into the community which has already encouraged many visitors. We actively support country congregations with visits. The congregation has a wide age range and broad ethnic cross-section with members from most continents. Sunday morning Bible classes comprise two adult classes—one spiritual milk, one more meaty—and childrens’ classes from pre-school to young teens. During the week there is a Ladies class and a Youth group as well.

    Malaga congregation was temporarily called Mt Lawley Church of Christ when the congregation used rented facilities in the Perth suburb of Mt Lawley while our new building in Malaga was being refurbished for church use. It is the fusing of members and resources from City Beach and Darling Range congregations. It has been a lengthy process that has produced great results.

    You are welcome to visit us any time. Visit our website for more information: malaga.perthchurch.net.


Aussie House Church Fellowship),
2 Abercorn Street, Orana, Western Australia
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1540,
Albany, Western Australia, 6331.
Telephone Number: Ron Bainbridge (08) 9841 8418 and mobile 0456 538 006.
Total Membership:
Times of Worship and Bible Study: Worhip 10.00 am and Bible Study 10.00 am Tuesdays.
Email Address: Ron Bainbridge.
Additional Information:

Bunbury Church of Christ
Corner Shenton Street and Austral Parade,
East Bunbury, Western Australia, 6230.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 515,
Bunbury, Western Australia, 6230.
Telephone Number: Shane Flanegan 0401 202 564.
Total Membership: ?
Times of Worship and Bible Study: Worship 9.30 am; BS 7.30 pm Wednesday..
Email Address:
Additional Information:
    We worship our God on a regular basis, and this consists of celebrating the Lord's Supper and preaching a sermon. Feel free to contact us for further information about the church.

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